Affiliations Helpful Links American Institute of CPA's - A well-developed website which in-
cludes news for CPAs, a catalog of AICPA products, conferences, and
software, and a section for member matters. There is also a sec-
tion for assurance matters and other relevant topics.
Internal Revenue Service - Download forms, instructions, and
publications, read current news, and pose a general question to a
representative. Ohio Department of Taxation - An updated site which allows you
to access forms and publications, taxpayer assistance, statistics, and
information releases. Also contains a list of links to other useful
websites. Accountancy Board of Ohio - The site contains an electronic
newsletter, ethics standards, certification requirements, membership
bylaws, and board minutes. There is also a links page. Ohio Society of CPAs - This extensive website is divided into
three sections for members, the public, and students. The member
section contains current news, legislation affecting the profession,
and certification and continuing education requirements. There is
also a discussion on ethics standards. The public section has a
CPA referral service. The student section provides information on
the profession to students who are interested in a career in account-